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Michael B. Jordan Teams Up With Lyft

Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty Images

Ride-Sharing Company Lyft has teamed up with actor Michael B. Jordan to provide free-of-charge transportation to people of color & recent college graduates.

Lyft Up was created by Lyft to provide affordable means of transportation. At the moment the charitable program is only available to those in minority communities in New York and Los Angeles.

Free Rides can be accessed to attend proactive-related destinations, such as job interviews, career counseling, and internships.

Jordan has since released a statement in regards to the partnership

Reliable transportation is often taken for granted. It plays a critical role in arriving on time to a job interview, the first day, and every work day after,I am proud to partner with Lyft to provide rides for Outlier Society fellows…Together, through the LyftUp initiative, we will work to alleviate some of the transportation barriers young professionals in under-resourced communities may experience.”

Amongst the Black Panther star, LeBron James too partnered with the ride share company back in January to provide teens free access to bikes.

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