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Tory Lanez Addresses Shooting Allegations Against Meg Thee Stallion

Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin/ Getty Images

As many of us know, back in July Tory Lanez and the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper Meg Thee Stallion were reportedly involved in a shooting. 

Meg took to her Instagram live about a month ago to spill the tea on the topic and clear her name as well as thank her fans for their support. 

Well, she isn’t the only one trying to clear her name and share her side of the story. Tory Lanez took to his social media Thursday afternoon & released a tweet “To my fans… Im sorry for my silence… but respectfully.. I got time today…9pm PST.”

While many of us believed Tory would be going live to address the rather disturbing allegations, he expressed his emotions and shed light on the topic through his music, by releasing the 17- track album, Daystar. We can still only make our own assumptions about what happened that night but it’s clear there is a little more to the story than we know. 

From what we can understand from a few songs on the project is that Tory is denying the claims for having shot Meg. He even name drops Kylie Jenner as allegedly being there the night of the incident. 

Since the altercation, a few celebrities have removed Tory Lanez from their projects and expressed their feelings towards the incident. Tory expressed his thoughts by throwing shots at Kehlani, JR Smith, Dream Doll, and others who had something to say about his alleged trigger fingers. 

In the song “Friend Become Strangers” the Canadian Rapper also gives us insight into his alleged relationship with Meg. He is claiming that the two were secretly a pair, and would take flights to see one another between Miami and Atlanta. 

Tory Lanez has used his album Daystar to reveal his truths about the alleged details of the incident. We will keep you updated as new details emerge. Check out the full album below:


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