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Big Sean joins Swaggy Live on The Heat!

Photo by Big Sean via Instagram

Big Sean dropped by the show this week to talk to us about his fifth studio album, Detroit 2, along with the love it’s gotten and the features it holds.

“It’s been a lot of love”, Sean said about the album’s reactions. “I feel like the response has been very positive, and I appreciate it for sure.” Detroit 2 was his third album to peak on the Billboard 2oo, and his first since 2017’s I Decided. The album features so many stars, from Ty Dolla Sign to Jhene Aiko, even the late great Nipsey Hussle featured on “Deep Reverence”, the lead single off the album. 

Big Sean touched on the battle within himself he had to fight when getting back into music. “Music is like my happy place, so if I’m not happy, it’s hard for me to create the music I want to create.” Sean also mentioned he’s been meditating since he was 17. With that and therapy, he was able to deepen his connection with his faith and the universe, which brought his passion for music back.

The surprise feature from Dave Chapelle and Stevie Wonder

Another highlight of the album is a track by Dave Chapelle. It features him talking to Big Sean about meeting Sean’s father and Danny Brown at a show in Detroit, and his love for the city of Detroit whenever he has a show there. Sean and Chapelle became friends after that moment, and as he told this story to Swaggy, Big Sean said “I told Dave what I was working on and he was like “bro, not only will I do the skit for you, I’ll support you in anything you have going on”. 

The legendary Detroit native Stevie Wonder also has a guest appearance on the album with his own story track. “I played him the music and he was like, so happy. That was one of the most proudest moments of my life. After I played the song Guard Your Heart with Anderson Paak and Wale, he stood up and was clapping, it was a great experience”.  The two even got in the studio together, so be on the lookout for a new single from the two!

Detroit 2 is filled with stories, good music, and some of Detroit’s best MCs. The album definitely serves as a reunion between Sean and the mainstream world of Hip Hop, a good one in fact. Sean wasn’t afraid to mention that he has more planned in the near future with guys like Anderson Paak, Stevie Wonder, and more. You can watch the full interview below, and also let us know your thoughts on Big Sean’s latest release!

Watch the Full Interview: Here

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