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The news dropped Thursday morning via TIME Magazine, and now the Jay/Pharell collaboration is here!

Jay Z and Pharell Williams have dropped a new single called “Entrepreneur”. The new song is apart of Pharell’s cover package for his upcoming TIME cover story, “The New American Revolution”. It features production by him and his partner Chad Hugo. Pharell and Jay have been quite the duo in the past two decades, dropping hits such as “Change Clothes”, “Excuse me Miss”, and most recently the track “Apesh*t”, with Beyonce off of The Carters.


The track tells a strong narrative about the difficulties of being an entrepreneur in today’s America, especially one of color. Pharell’s iconic falsetto throughout the song provides a strong, uplifting wave of black pride and Unity. When asked by TIME how he sees many of the problems in the community being solved financially, Pharell says “When you have successful beehive-type communities where you can circulate money within your community, it makes a huge difference.”

Williams also went on record to say “They keep saying the American Dream is about the house and picket fence, the wife and two kids. Come on—let’s be honest. It’s always boiled down to money and an opportunity.” Hov also touches on this point in his verse, stressing how systematic injustice has divided us and now supporting small businesses is as crucial as ever to help bridge this gap. He even name drops the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, when talking about the world of “Black Twitter”. The point is that we need to have each other’s backs, as Hov says “When Jack gets paid, do you?”

You can check out the official sheet music and score for the song on Also, check out more about the upcoming September edition of Time here.

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