Harlem’s own “Hood Pope” A$AP Ferg dropped by on Zoom Thursday night to talk music, art, and new projects he has in store.

Photo Credit: Cachief Latchman

“I went to art school, a lot of people don’t know I went to art school,” Ferg told us, “I studied fashion and fine arts. So I was drawing all my life, and music, I’ve always been into music, but for me, both went hand in hand with each other.” While on call, Ferg gave us a preview of his newest work that isn’t music-related, a new line of rugs. Ferg has always been heavy on home decor, releasing TrapLord rugs back in 2015. That passion has been lit up more since everyone’s been in quarantine at home for the last few months. So with this new line of decor, Ferg hopes to provide a nice vibe for people stuck at home, as well as for brand new homeowners.

New Music and Production Work

In addition to the new home decor work, Ferg also tells us about his new ventures in music production, and how it has humbled him and added a level to his creativity. “I can’t be used to instant gratification all the time like I’m always used to that instant hit”. Ferg brought up his past work in executive production and helping others, but now he wants to be able to flex his prowess and skill and give himself his credit, after all the years of giving his credit to others. 

As to new music, A$AP mentioned the tedious process of getting his new track with Nicki Minaj and MadeInTYO, and how it was two years in the making. Talking about his handful of collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Ferg says “I believe that artists got tribes. So like I come from a tribe, I feel like me, DaBaby, Nicki, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Missy, Timberland, Pharell, we all come from a tribe.” With this tribe talk, he describes how he and Nicki are similar in their style and playfulness, and how it makes their collaborations easier and better being in that same “tribe” of artists.

And of course, A$AP Ferg gets around and meets up with a wide variety of artists. He talked about working with rock legend Marilyn Manson, who turned out to be a fan, and how they teamed up in LA and may have a new song in the works. Be sure to leave a comment below, would you be here for a HipHop/Rock collab with Marilyn Manson and A$AP Ferg? How do you all feel about the new record “Move Ya Hips” featuring Nicki and MadeInTYO? Engage and let us know!

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