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Andre Harrell, a legendary music executive, best known for signing a young Sean Combs to his first record deal, running Motown Records, and founding Uptown Records, recently passed away.

He was 59. However, amid the somber news, let’s remember some of the musical acts Andre has been responsible for. This article is not a recap of his career, as many other publications have already done so. Let’s show appreciation for all of the fantastic musical talents this man has blessed the world within his storied career. 

Harrell’s keen sense of musical stardom has blessed the world with iconic artists such as Mary J Blige, Biggie, Al B Sure, Heavy D, Soul For Real, Guy, Lost Boyz, Father MC, and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Williams. To put his legacy into a broader scope of overall impact, big names of different parts of the entertainment industry such as Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones, John Legend, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Juicy J, and many more figures are mourning the loss of the legendary guru.

Below, you can check out Babyface’s tribute to Andre Harrell, wh delayed his Mother’s Day performance due to Harrell’s death.


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My Tribute to a dear friends @andreharrell

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His ability to impact so many people who come from all walks of life speak as a testimony to the groundbreaking work Andre has done over his career. Harrell never was outspoken about his success; he let his actions and resume speak for himself. Quite often, everybody else talked about the good things Andre Harell has accomplished. Characterized by pristine wisdom, trademark humility, and a love for people, Harrell wasn’t only an executive but a role model for the industry to follow. 

He didn’t just take on music talent and elevated them for a paycheck, the love for developing quality music acts is what fueled Andre Harell. Ironically, Andre was a Bronx, New York native, which is where the genre known as hip hop was birthed. It was almost destined for Harrell to become the legend that he is today. While many are still grieving the death of the icon, everybody is thankful for the impact he made in not only the industry but the world. The cause of death is still known. 

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